Dear Heart….

88IQEON0CFDear heart how are you today…?

What have filled you today? What is the most occupied you today? Is it remembrance of Him? or just merely worldly things? That’s why it seem cracked?..Allah ya Jabbar!

It is ok, say istighfar, take a deep breath.. let ‘them’ flow from the lids…

Listen dear heart, you are the most powerful organ that Allah has bestowed upon me. I have the responsibility to take care of you….

I know that today the good intention is being misunderstood badly… but it is not one’s capacity to direct other’s understanding and perception towards them…

I know that today the plan is being shattered…. but no one knows what is best for themselves, Allah is the best planner….

Don’t you know dear heart that you must not be occupied by the things that should not be there… ?

Just leave everything to Allah SWT. Put trust in Him.






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