‘Move On’; A-shining-six Letters


A word-phrase that easy to be stated emotionally but the hardest one to be tasted in reality.

As I have seen so many, move on is an inevitable phase for everyone.

I couldn’t find any harder task  than those shining six letters. The reason is probably that those six letters have strong correlation with a-four-beautiful letters. What is it? Yes. L-o-v-e! Any sort of love, for what/whom it addressed to, love will certainly make an attachment with our hearts. Once something or someone(s) get attached into our hearts until it takes a big portion that consume almost whole space of our hearts it can be hurtful once it get unattached even for the most logical reason. There are sort of things which can be easily accepted by logic (brain) but not by heart.

People, job/career, success, any kind of blessings are temporary and-this should be noted-people’s attitudes toward us are temporary too. If lovely weather and big storm are temporary, so are they-happiness and sadness. If the happiness of those types of attachments isn’t last forever, so do the pain of those detachments, it will also gradually over.
So, what is move on really mean? It is acceptance. An acceptance, that there is a painful process of any detachment. Accepting that our mistake was making those things as if will be forever, whereas those worldly things are actually just temporary.

Last but not least, our heart shouldn’t be left in empty which might be causing to fall into any worse attachment. That emptiness should be fulfilled with attachment of something that is better than all of those things. The one that eternal and perfect, the one that actually should’ve taken space of our heart completely, Allah SWT.

Sadly, sometimes we unconsciously tend to leave only a little space remain or even no space left there when it has been filled with the temporary (worldly) things.

3 thoughts on “‘Move On’; A-shining-six Letters

  1. Yes u r right my dear! Our hearts must be filled with the love of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala bcz when that’s not there, the love of other mortal things enters our hearts. And these things, as u had written, come and go.

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