In defining an indefinite; ‘Maturity’


What is so-called ‘maturity’?

When talking about maturity, some may define simply that being an adult mean ‘mature’ which it solely based on numerical range of ages.

Maturity is not simple as it seems to be described. There are plenty of aspect involved and should be taken into consideration to address how maturity actually is.

Maturity is more likely defined as a mental state of an individual human being. Ones who are mature enough are commonly emotionally stable, well-directed and self-actualized. They are not dwell in the phase of ‘self-finding’ but have out of it and jumped into a new phase. Whereas, the immature ones are prone to be scattered, getting stuck in trivial or unnecessary things and emotionally unstable.

However, those are just based my point of view so it is not an absolute description. We may have our own subjective perspective specifically.


We may find that some people who are younger than us have incredibly problem solving ability, well-managed emotional feelings and deeper understanding level. However, there are some also who have enough numbers of age to be called an adult but still remain comfort on their previous phase of life. It seems like no more than a child/adolescent soul being trapped into physically an adult individual. This imbalance condition is unhealthy as it could be a sign of failure in moving on to the next phase of life whereas they have to bear bigger responsibilities on their shoulders especially for their next generation.

There is no limit in maturity. No one could reach the peak of maturity because it has no peak to define that it is state of ‘perfect mature’ but it more likely as a wide-range level. It means that the ones who can be said mature enough may gain higher level of maturity than the current state through their upcoming life journeys.


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